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Component Based Mobile Systems

Filling the equipment gap between UAV drones and traditional equipment.

SMR Rover


Camera and Mount

SMR Rover Specifications

Mounting Plate:
1/8” Aluminum
Electric Brushed 27T 540
Forward & Reverse
Drive system:
4 Wheel Drive
8 Aluminum Oil Filled
Speed Control:
Splash Proof ESC
7.2v 2000mAh NiMh & Charger
Radio System:
2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver
Weight WO Attachments:
6 pounds

Consumer Model

The Eclipse Rover SMR is our smallest vehicle and is perfect for action cameras, cell phones and small attachments. It is powered by a 27T 540 brushless electric motor and a 7.2 200mHa NiMH battery.

The independent suspension offers rock solid performance with eight oil filled shocks and splash proof electronics. The mounting plate is powder coated 1/8” Aluminum with hole patterns that will work with all of the attachments offered for the Eclipse Rover SMR on eclipserover.com.

When equipped with the included Eclipse Wheels the Eclipse Rover SMR can also be operated on pipes, cables and other ridged surfaces in both the upright and inverted orientations.

Eclipse Rover Accessories, Attachments and Hardware

Eclipse Rover


Enhance the functionality of your Eclipse Rover with accessories like the Eclipse Wheels, extra batteries, fast chargers and safety bags for charging batteries.
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Eclipse Rover


Pan & Tilts, 3-axis stabilization systems and Gimbals and more.
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Operating on Pipes


Everything you need to operate your Eclipse Rover on Pipes.
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Operating on Cables


Everything you need to operate your Eclipse Rover on cables including truss systems, mounting brackets, and cable.
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Industry Applications for Eclipse Rovers

Capture professional, gimbal-stabilized video and cinema footage

Remote Photography

Mobile sound capture

Capture mobile video using VR 360 cameras

Mobile lighting

Implementing UAV drones when it is unsafe to fly

Robotic Testing

AI testing

Mobile Sensor Platform

Real Estate


Law Enforcement

First Responders

Search and Rescue







Health Care



Public Safety


Fire Fighting




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